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Holistic healthcare is an approach to health that honours all aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Massage, in its various forms, can affect us on all of these levels. On a physical level, massage can increase circulation, flexibility and range of motion and facilitate healing. Pain levels are reduced and ease is experienced where there was discomfort.


Massage can also bring about a sense of overall wellbeing and relaxation. Stress is a common factor associated with all disease states. Stress hormones are reduced and endorphins are released with massage. It is not uncommon for people receiving a massage treatment to go to an altered state in which the brain waves change to a frequency associated with meditation and healing. Sometimes in this heightened state, images or messages come through to people that are helpful in their lives.


Barbra Rose attempts to connect with the person on the table, respecting all aspects of their being. She has travelled far and wide to learn from some of the best in each field and has a deep thirst for knowledge about health and how we can live a full and happy life. She feels honoured to be invited into the lives of her patients to assist them in their journey and healing.

Barbra Rose Perry has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1985. She attended the New 

Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics for Massage Therapy and completed her board exams with 

the Ontario College of Massage Therapy. In 1990, she became a Trager Practitioner through the 

Trager Institute. She also attended 4 years of training with the Sutherland Academy of Osteopathy.

In addition to her training in Cranial Osteopathy, Barbra Rose has trained in Cranial Therapy from 

the Upledger Institute and the Hancock Method of Cranial Therapy. She has completed advanced 

training in Jin Shin Do acupressure and has an acute awareness of patterns and blockages of energy

flow in the body. In 2010, she also completed Matrix Repatterning training through the Matrix

Institute in Newmarket, Ontario.

Barbra Rose offers her many years of experience in various modalities to suit your requirements.Treatments are available in downtown Kingston at the Old Woolen Mill.

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