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Barbra Rose combines her training in Trager and General Osteopathic Techniques (GOT) to provide this gentle, full body massage treatment. This holistic form of massage promotes movement and articulation to all structures of the body in order to free up blockages and allow the body to heal itself and find more freedom.

More information on Trager:

The Trager Approach makes use of gentle, non-intrusive movements to encourage the release of counterproductive patterns in the body and mind. Benefits include deep relaxation, increased mobility and mental clarity.

More information on General Osteopathic Techniques (GOT):
A whole body treatment, GOT focuses on removing obstructions or stiffness in the body to promote healthy circulation and nerve activity in order to stimulate the body’s own self-healing power.


This treatment is recommended for all types of ailments, including accidents, illness and trauma as it removes obstacles to allow the body to heal itself from within.

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